Having the right systems in place can help your employees work more efficiently. Also, process and automation can help increase the output of your employees by eliminating repetitive tasks and lengthy jobs.

Disteq specializes in improving process and enhancing infrastructure. Our personalized audits can determine what parts of your systems should stay and continue to be useful, and what parts should to be upgraded to allow your workers to do their jobs more efficiently. In addition, we evaluate your processes and help you discover what can be automated or completed more efficiently.

Gathering data is simple. Translating data to actionable information is not. Disteq can show you how to accomplish just that.

At Disteq we are more than a data analytics company. We are data intelligence professionals dedicated to giving you all the tools you’ll need to succeed. Our commitment to your company will be demonstrated when we begin analyzing your data. Our solutions will help you reach your goals and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Disteq’s employees are data experts and highly dedicated to changing your relationship with your data. Our process transforms your data into a business asset for your company, allowing you to use your data to make more effective business decisions. Disteq’s platform gives you easy access to the insights that will increase customer value and unlock your company’s true potential.

Our Data Management skillset is currently working on multiple projects collecting, aggregating and normalizing incoming data feeds in a few specific industries. These projects provide a central import process to handle multiple input types from different vendors and output a standardized data set, allowing simpler handling of the data and a more rapid understanding of exactly what data is being acquired by your company.

Disteq knows that new business for your company is driven by your leads. Our multistage process helps to ensure that the leads you follow up on will generate positive results. Prioritizing your followups allows for more efficient use of resources, which results in lower costs and higher revenues.

  1. New Lead Qualification
    Our qualification process can validate new leads that your company acquires, allowing you to spend your time on leads that exist, instead of chasing down partially completed leads or leads with invalid information.
  2. New Lead Scoring
    Our scoring process can build a profile of your ideal client base and match that against your newly qualified leads, categorizing and ranking your leads to maximize the opportunity to get connected with clients that need your products and services.
  3. Existing Lead Scoring
    Our scoring process, built with a similar profile as the new lead scoring, will work through your existing leads to see which customers –

    • May have been lost, and can be contacted to reestablish your business
    • May have the capability to upsell, increasing your existing revenue streams

Regaining these customers and increasing your existing revenue is critical for a business to grow.

At Disteq, success is the name of the game. To demonstrate our commitment to quality and success, we work with each client to establish baseline metrics. Once a successful baseline is in place our team will examine your business objective and craft a plan to refine the existing business process. Once we have defined the new process model, our team works diligently to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which points to our methods and their ability to enhance your business’s insight. From the moment our processes are fully engaged the Disteq team works to fine tune the business processes and hone in on your success criteria.

Disteq is committed to providing ongoing support to our clients long after integration. Disteq’s involvement with your company allows for maximum exposure to process and underlying inefficiencies, and maximum opportunity for customer insight. Your success does not end once we have optimized your business process. We are available, and recommend, post-implementation training and support. Additionally we are available to re-engage your team and your data set once our team has proven out new factors in your data. The Disteq process often sheds new insight into your existing data. Our team can help you maximize new data findings and the how they apply to your clientele.