Welcome to Disteq

Disteq was founded on the idea that your infrastructure and your data hold an incredible opportunity and many companies let it slip away.

Unfortunately for many companies, their architecture does not make that value accessible. Still others lack the expertise or the resources to take advantage of the value that exists.

At Disteq we want to help you realize the value of your infrastructure and your data. Whether that means integrating your data into different platforms, providing visibility into just what is moving through your systems or digging into your data to help you understand aspects of your customers that you never knew existed, Disteq has the expertise to help you. We specialize in delivering these services with an eye on scalability so that your data and your technology push your growth instead of inhibiting it.


Why Choose Us

We are technologists at heart. We do what we do because we love applying our technical knowledge to problems we have never seen before. The difference with Disteq is that we realize that business considerations drive technology, not vice versa. Our solutions target your business problems, not necessarily your technological problems. The difference is subtle, but we believe that difference is key to delivering solutions customers need.
What we do have is a deep understanding of IT process, data and analytics and the technology that is driving the data revolution. With that knowledge we will work with you to uncover the value in your data and then teach you how to realize that value through enhanced process
Business value comes from two areas: increased revenue and decreased cost. Our company is designed to deliver our solutions at low cost, and provide a potentially large increase in revenue. Through intelligent use of open source software, a pay-on-demand service model, flexibly designed products, and a business structure created to emphasize low operating costs, we believe that we can decrease your overall costs as well.
We are not another IT Services company, or another data and analytics platform, promising to solve all your problems. What we bring to the table is our knowledge across the entire infrastructure and data stack, and we will work with your company to customize our solutions to fit your needs.
Our work with your business will flow through clear, concise Statements of Work. This is our way of ensuring that deliverables solve the issues we identify together at the start of the engagement. We believe this clear expectation layout leads to a better experience for everyone. We are happy to take on more than one of the issues affecting your business. Our process simply insures that each issue gets the attention and solution it deserves.

About Us

Disteq is a IT and Data services company brought to you by a team of seasoned technology professionals with over 50 collective years of experience working with implementations of all sizes across most popular platforms.

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We specialize in bringing scalable, low-cost, high-impact solutions to businesses that don’t have the appropriate knowledge in-house. We will streamline your process and draw maximum value from your current assets.

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Has your infrastructure hit the scalability wall and become a drag on your growth? Do you know what you need but don’t have the expertise in-house? Contact us to see how our support professionals can help.

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